Sarar USA Washington DC store opened its stores with a grand ceremony!

Continuing to expand its domestic and international store network, Sarar held an enthralling opening ceremony on Thursday, November 21st, for its new store located in Washington DC, USA. 

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç attended the opening of the Sarar Washington DC store which has won the recognition of all the guests with its rich collections and interior architecture.

Embassy fashion show draws massive attention...
Sarar presented its collection of 2013-2014 winter season products to the special guests with a fashion show in the Turkish Embassy, Washington. With Turkish ambassador Namık Tan and his wife Fügen Tan hosting, many select guests and important individuals of the fashion world attended the show, including US Congress advisers.
The product collection, including tuxedos and evening dresses, have won massive recognition.  Sarar Corporate Group CEO Cemalettin Sarar explained to the AA correspondent that the company will open a Sarar Women's store in addition to the New York and Washington stores and  that they will continue to present Sarar, a Turkish brand, to the world. With its stylish collections and colorful store openings, Sarar has become a focal point in the world and its main mission within the following 10 years is to increase its total number of stores in USA to 100.


Sarar increases the number of its USA stores to 15

Sarar is proud to mark the opening of its 15th store in the USA, thanks to the recent addition of the Washington DC Downtown and St. Louis Premium Outlets stores. The opening of the new stores are in line with the company's regional and international drive of expanding its network of stores.
Sarar's Washington store opening was attended by many business men and fashion lovers. The Washington DC Downtown store marks the second Sarar store in Washington. It stands out with its distinctive interior and rich collection.
Another Sarar store opened its doors to fashion lovers at the St.Louis Premium Outlets in New Jersey. 
Sarar's four new store openings at Canada Toronto Premium Outlets, Fashion Outlets of Chicago, Washington DC Downtown, and St. Louis Premium Outlets in August 2013 mark a rapid start for the new season. 


Sarar Lasvegas

Two brand-new Sarar stores open on a single day; one in Canada, one in Chicago

Turkish fashion giant Sarar continues to crown its long list of worldwide successes with a new achievement. On Thursday, August 1 Sarar opened two brand new stores in Canada and Chicago, in line with the company's regional and international drive of expanding its network of stores.
Canada's first Sarar store is located at Toronto Premium Outlet, the country's first luxury outlet shopping mall.  This new store complements Sarar's unique collection with its striking interior and its prime location situated next to such fashion giants like Burberry, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Guess and Hugo Boss  Another Sarar store opened its doors to fashion lovers in Chicago The new Sarar store is located in Fashion Outlets of Chicago, located next to America's most busiest airport, O’hare International Airport. It will host welcome fashion lovers while neighboring to brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Giorgio Armani and Gucci.
Sarar continues to be in the international limelight thanks to its unique and stylish collections and its colorful store openings. These latest openings marks Sarar's pioneering fashion presence in eight different states of the USA and its first ever introduction to Canadian fashion lovers. Sarar's goal for the next decade is to increase the number of its USA stores to 100.

Sarar Lasvegas
Sarar Lasvegas


Sarar Opens Its 20th European Store In Düsseldorf, Germany!
As one of the most successful clothing brands in Turkey, Sarar has opened its 20th European store in Düsseldorf, Germany with a glamorous parade. The opening was held on Thursday, January 10, and hosted by the second- and third-generation executives of the Sarar family. Many well-known figures of the art and business worlds attended; notably Gudrun Hock, Mayor of Düsseldorf. The clothes, made entirely in Turkey, made a great impression on the audience through their stylishness.
Twelve people will be employed at the new 1,400 sqm Düsseldorf plant of Sarar, which provides employment to 5,000 people around the world. Sarar has over 200 stores around the world and, while stating that Turkey now has now reached the level of Italy and France in terms of fashion, Cemalettin Sarar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sarar, expressed his contentment with Sarar’s current success: "Turkey has managed to become one of the countries that come to mind when people think of fashion and design and a player in the big league of fashion. As is known, in 1944, we here at Sarar set out to become a global brand. My late father once said, "Son, one day we shall become a global brand and employ 1,000 people." Today, Sarar employs a total of 5,000 people and has stores on five continents. Additionally, we too sew the products of all those global brands in Europe, but we've never forgotten our purpose of incorporation and started opening new stores from 1980 onwards in order to become a world-renowned brand. As the Sarar family, we have started companies in Germany, the US, Russia and even China. We continue to make new achievements with every passing year."

After Cemallettin Sarar, Sarar CEO Emre Sarar said the following about their 9th Sarar store in Germany and the brand's vision for the future, "Taking into account Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA, we have a total of 220 stores. We receive very positive feedback about our products and services. Lastly, we achieve our wishes and goals every year and expand overseas as the Sarar brand. Our products are all designed by an international team located in Eskişehir, from where we also run the company. We're proud that we can still achieve worldwide success, compete with global brands and bring our experience to all markets."

Sarar Lasvegas
Sarar Lasvegas


Sarar opens its 12th store in the U.S. at Orlando Premium Outlets!
Sarar opened its latest U.S. store in Orlando Premium Outlets on December 8, 2012. Its next target is to increase the number of its stores in the U.S. to 100.

Setting fashion trends in 49 countries over five different continents thanks to its superior quality craftsmanship and unique designs, the Turkish fashion giant Sarar has added yet another store to its international portfolio.
Sarar opened its first store in the U.S. in 1999 and is now serving fashion lovers in eight American locations including New Jersey, New York, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, Virginia, California and Florida. The company continued to open stores in 2012, managing to became one of the most talked-about brands in the fashion world.
Sarar welcomed 2012 with a store opening in Las Vegas, soon after opening a second store in the same city at the Grand Canal Shoppes shopping mall, where it joined other world-famous brands. These openings were followed by a new store in Manhattan and later one on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.
With the latest opening at Orlando Premium Outlets on December 8, 2012, Sarar has now increased its total number of U.S. stores to 12. Over the next ten years, Sarar's goal is to open 100 stores across the country.

Sarar Orlando


The elegance of Sarar comes to Hollywood!
An indispensable brand for fashion lovers across five continents and 49 different countries with its elegant collections, Sarar's new store has just opened on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard on Wednesday, November 14. Greeting over 300 guests, including famous names in Hollywood on the red carpet, Sarar entertained its guests on this unforgettable night with a unique cocktail presentation and great music by famous DJ Zen Freeman. Fashion lovers showed great attention to the invitation for the opening of Sarar's brand new store. Many big names came such as the world's leading basketball team the Lakers' point guard Steve Blake. Also present at this special night was the cast from the TV show Million Dollar Listing, film star John Savage, and many other well-known names from the world of art. This cocktail night for the grand opening of the first Sarar store in Los Angeles brought together famous designers, writers, and well-known names in social media. Guests had fun all through the night and had a pleasant time by browsing through Sarar's unique designs. Constantly increasing its number of overseas stores, Sarar showed that it will be the center of attraction for fashion lovers in Los Angeles as well as all other locations.

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Sarar’s second store in Manhattan is now on Wall Street!
Turkish fashion giant Sarar continues to grow overseas by opening new stores. Manhattan's second Sarar store, which exhibits unique collections and original designs, opened its doors to American fashion fans with a tremendous grand opening ceremony on Tuesday, November 13. In the opening ceremony, many people participated including the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sarar Group Cemalettin Sarar, Sarar U. S General Manager Tunç Hepgüler, and Sarar U. S Director of Public Relations Edina Hepgüler, and various names from the world of fashion and politics. In this magnificent opening ceremony, New York Trade Attache Serhan Alpaslan, President of Brooklyn Borough Marty Markowitz and New York City Public Relations Manager Eric Botcher did not leave the Sarar family alone. World famous Sarar model Sean O'Pry and Miss New York 2012 Mallory Hagan also showed up and stood out with their elegance. Acclaimed for its 250-square-meter spacious and elegant interior design and positioned just next to the New York Stock Exchange, the new Sarar store has already managed to catch the attention of all fashion lovers.

Sarar Lasvegas


An elegant touch at the very heart of entertainment...
Sarar’s strong presence in the entertainment capital continues... Sarar’s second store in Las Vegas opened on March 21, 2012 at the heart of the city, the Grand Canal Shoppes shopping center within the Venetian Hotel. Bringing vitality to the streets, Sarar’s second Las Vegas store also displays its strength alongside the world’s leading fashion labels. With its store at the newly-opened The Grand Canal Shoppes, where Las Vegas fashion lovers shop magnificently from gondolas, Sarar retains America’s attention as one of the key shopping destinations.

Sarar Lasvegas


An elegant partnership at the forefront of Fashion and Franchising!
A new era has begun in the fashion world... With its elegant and peerless collections showcasing the best in fashion design in 49 countries across 5 continents, Sarar has signed a contract with renowned franchising company Alshaya to authorise the opening of stores in 18 countries, first of all in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Russia. Alshaya Group, established in 1890, has 1,740 stores in the Middle East and 260 in Europe, and this agreement with Sarar will once again turn the attention of the fashion world towards Sarar stores. Having succeeded in bringing its elegant designs to numerous regions in Europe and the Middle East, on the strength of its partnership with Alshaya, Sarar will open its first store in Kuwait at The Avenues Mall, the celebrated haunt of fashion lovers. Alshaya’s future target once this store in Bahrain has opened for business in September, is for Sarar’s store number in Central Europe and the Middle East to reach 100 by 2023!

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Sarar elegance now at Istanbul’s Trump Towers Mall!
Sarar, having become an essential brand for fashion lovers with its superlative collections that season by season set the trend in the fashion world, has opened its new store at the Trump Towers Mall İstanbul. With no let up in pace when it comes to store opening both at home and abroad, Sarar’s Trump Towers Mall store, with its fresh interior design, has earned widespread approval. By opening a store at the Trump Towers Mall in Istanbul, itself a new symbol of the city, Sarar continues to host shopping lovers and leading names from the business world alike.

Sarar Lasvegas